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"We chose Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste, the bottle presentation and the subtlety of the sparkling water. Our customers are very discerning; everything must complement the food and the whole dining experience". Will Holland.

Walkers Rehydrate with Wenlock Spring on the Big Walk

Walkers Rehydrate with Wenlock Spring on the Big Walk


Walkers taking part in Broseley School's Big Walk can rehydrate with Wenlock Spring water. 

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Broseley School near Much Wenlock is raising money for three charities on Thursday July 7th. Christian Aid, Cancer Research and Kemp Hospice will benefit from the efforts of the walkers. Pupils and teachers from the school will be walking together; enjoying a fun and energetic day! Participants will be able to rehydrate with bottles of Wenlock Spring along the route.


"Rehydration is always important when walking but when the weather is warm it is even more vital. We have donated our convenient 330ml plastic bottles as these will be perfect to drink at refreshment points along the walk. We wanted to show our support for the school and charities involved and at the same time help to make the walk more pleasurable for those taking part, as they can rehydrate with a local water from Wenlock Spring." Matthew Orme, Wenlock Spring.