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"We chose Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste, the bottle presentation and the subtlety of the sparkling water. Our customers are very discerning; everything must complement the food and the whole dining experience". Will Holland.

Wenlock Spring Supports Ludlow Food Festival

Wenlock Spring Supports Ludlow Food Festival


Some of the best food and drink from across the region will be on display at Ludlow Food Festival and Wenlock Spring is delighted to again be involved. 

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Some of the best food and drink from across the region will be on display at Ludlow Food Festival and Wenlock Spring is delighted to again be involved. Passionate producers, Michelin chefs, cookery demonstrations, talks and tastings - the town comes alive in this celebration of our Shropshire food culture.

To celebrate Great British cuisine, the Chefs Table Restaurant will offer guests a dining experience in the marquee in the Castle Gardens. Local, quality food in a premium buffet style bistro setting - many of the dishes will be prepared by tops chefs as well as aspiring apprentices and students. Wenlock Spring will be provided on the restaurant tables - adding a touch of finesse to the dining experience. Stewards and staff will also be refreshed with Wenlock Spring throughout the festival.


Fine Food, Fine Wine and Wenlock Spring - Fine Dining Companions  

Taste, presentation and provenance makes Wenlock Spring the bottled water of choice for many restaurants. Within a restaurant environment, guests should always have a choice; a choice of food, wine, soft drinks and of course - the choice of bottled water. For the discerning diner, it is important to have a bottled water which enhances and provides the right balance of taste, to complement a meal. Wenlock Spring is crisp and clean and when sipped throughout a meal will cleanse the palate. Provenance is also a growing concern for many diners - by selecting Wenlock Spring, consumers know that the water has been naturally filtered through the Wenlock Edge and then drawn from its source - nothing added - just as nature intended. Quality of taste can be guaranteed with bottled water - something which cannot be achieved from tap water. The bottle presentation also plays an important role in the overall perception of a restaurant; it can add to the theatrical ambiance of the dining environment. Wenlock Spring has been designed to fit perfectly within modern restaurants or more classic fine dining environments - winning awards for the stylish bottle design.

 Matthew Orme, Director of Wenlock Spring, commented; "Wenlock Spring is thrilled to be supporting the Chef Table Restaurant at Ludlow Food Festival - not only is our water local, but it fits perfectly within restaurant environments. We hope many guests at Ludlow Food Festival will be refreshed with Wenlock Spring and that it will enhance their dining experience at the Chef Table Restaurant."