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"We chose Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste, the bottle presentation and the subtlety of the sparkling water. Our customers are very discerning; everything must complement the food and the whole dining experience". Will Holland.

Bottle Design

Bottle Design

The Wenlock Spring Bottle:

We have created an awarding winning glass bottle having been recognised with a Gold Award from the British Bottling Institute (BBI) for the presentation of the glass bottle range.

A classic bottle shape has been combined with a contemporary label design.  The bottle reflects the innovative approach of Wenlock Spring as a business.  The label clearly shows the provenance of Wenlock Spring through both branding and design. An attractive bottle can add to the interior look and feel of a restaurant or hotel.  The presentation of Wenlock Spring is contemporary yet classic and complements it's surroundings, whether a traditional fine dining environment or a contemporary setting.  

Wenlock Spring Glass