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"We chose Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste, the bottle presentation and the subtlety of the sparkling water. Our customers are very discerning; everything must complement the food and the whole dining experience". Will Holland.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Remade in Great Britain

Wenlock Spring are switching all of their plastic PET bottles, to bottles with a 50% recycled content. The trade name of this plastic is rPET, as it is ’remade’ from the plastic bottles we put in our recycling.

Matthew Orme, Director says, “35,000,000 plastic bottles are bought each day, and 16,000,000 are currently NOT recycled in the UK. By making the switch we will help UK recycling to gather further momentum.”

Wenlock Spring are advocating a ‘closed-loop’ recycling system (see diagram), which works by: Plastics being collected from curb side bins and our homes. This is then taken to a recycling plant. The plant reprocesses the bottles and these are then ‘re-made’ into new bottles.

The recycling plant Wenlock Spring are working with for this venture, will produce 38,000 tonnes of rPET in 2018, this will not be dependent on the demand for rPET but on the supply of plastic bales. Presently only 65% of Local Authorities collect plastic from our homes.

Items made from rPET (recycled plastic), which also include, pens, ink jet cartridges and fleece garments, can be downcycled and upcycled again and again. Wenlock Spring’s NEW bottles are Remade in Great Britain and take 79% less energy to make than Virgin PET plastic bottles, reducing the carbon footprint dramatically.

Mathew Orme, Director, says, “At Wenlock Spring we are blessed to live and work in Shropshire, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Wenlock Edge itself is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. With that in mind, we not only have a Corporate Responsibility but a responsibility to the generations to come.”

Bottled water is the lowest impact packaged drink in the soft drinks sector, whether judged by its carbon footprint or its water footprint.

Wenlock Spring will deliver bottles that have 50% rPET (recycled plastic) content by Spring and will be pushing for 100% rPET bottles.

Closed-Loop recycling diagram, for Plastic PET bottles

Wenlock Spring Recycling