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"We chose Wenlock Spring for its excellent clean taste, the bottle presentation and the subtlety of the sparkling water. Our customers are very discerning; everything must complement the food and the whole dining experience". Will Holland.




Wenlock Spring is bottled in 19 litre and 13 litre polycarbonate bottles for the water cooler industry and a range of glass and plastic (PET) bottles for HORECA (hotel restaurant and catering) sectors.

Quality Assurance Accreditations:

BRC (British Retail Consortium) Higher - glass and plastic (PET) bottles

BWCA (British Water Cooler Association) - water coolers


Mineral Content:

The mineral content of Wenlock Spring has been monitored for the last 21 years by the local authority.

The total dry residue is 409 mg/per litre (this is the dry residue which remains after 1 litre of water has been boiled at 180C), classifying it as having a low mineral content which delivers a refreshingly clean and delicately sweet taste.

Wenlock Spring Mineral Content Download